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Technology Mission

To identify and manage technology in the most efficient and cost effective manner for KPC and all of its Subsidiaries to achieve their objectives by applying the latest relevant technologies in our operations while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety and health of our employees and community in which we operate.

To sponsor relevant research and development activities with a view to developing and applying innovative technologies and approaches in our operations.

To develop technical skills and expertise throughout the organization.

Technology Vision

KPC will be a regional industry leader in applying the latest relevant information technologies that will enhance its performance, improve its efficiency and reduce its operating costs in a highly secure manner.

Achieve a high standard of IT competency for KPC and its subsidiaries work force to enable them to gain maximum benefits from information technologies, enhance their performance and efficiency, and achieve overall KPC’s objectives accordingly.
Adopt and apply approved internet based initiatives in KPC and its subsidiaries to become a driver for profit increase and cost reduction.