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Our policy and commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our overall business. Our sustainability commitment must be implemented in conjunction with our sustainability programme, which is governed by this sustainability policy statement. This policy and related practices are an evolution and enhancement of our ongoing commitment to environmental and social stewardship. In implementing this policy, we will engage with and support our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and host communities in sharing responsibility for meeting our standards.

The sustainability strategy and program at KPC is an evolutionary process and stakeholders, especially our employees, are encouraged to actively participate in the process. This policy shall be reviewed annually and published as required, ensuring accuracy and applicability to KPC's sustainability agenda.


What sustainability means for us

For KPC, sustainability is the integration of economic, environmental and social considerations into our corporate strategy and operations to maximise and sustain the company's growth and positive impact to all of our stakeholders. We seek to be accountable to our stakeholders regarding the holistic management of the financial, human, social, natural, and manufactured capital which we steward. KPC is committed to being a leader, benchmark, and role model for sustainability in the Middle East region.


Our sustainability commitment

KPC will apply sustainability thinking throughout our business activities, including how we make business decisions; how we run our operations; how we act as colleagues, employees and managers; how we interact with partners, customers and suppliers; what, where and how we decide to invest; with whom we decide to partner and collaborate; and from whom and how we purchase our materials and other inputs for our operations.