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Humanitarian and Civilized Imprints Worldwide
The economic dimensions of the business of the Corporation and its subsidiary companies should not be allowed to conceal their humanitarian and refined cultural aims. These are of equal importance to the Corporation as it seeks to raise the name of Kuwait high on the local and world levels, while contributing to the development and progress of Kuwaiti society. Indeed, the Corporation has realized that its role is not confined to the exploitation of the oil wealth, which is still its basic function, but goes far beyond that.

Through the international operations carried out by its subsidiary companies such as Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC), KPC seeks to build and maintain friendly relations with host states and to leave a mark which is testimony to the extent of its cooperation with these countries.


KUFPEC and TOTAL E&P Sudan along with the partners funded several socio-economic development programs in the Jonglei State in Sudan. The constructions of the Primary school in Hai Machuor – Bor Town, the construction of a primary school in Pian Piol – Twic East County, the construction of a Women Activity Center in Wongulei – Twic East County and the construction of a Rehabilitation Malek Secondary School in Bor Town was highly appreciated by the people and governor of the Jonglei State in South Suda. A letter of appreciation was sent by the governor of the Jonglei State expressing his gratitude to KUFPEC and TOTAL for their effective contribution in the socio-economic development program and their effort to eradicate illiteracy in Sudan. KUFPEC and its partners in Sudan are close to completing a major Juba University Physics Lab project for the University of Juba. The project will compromise of 400 square meter physics lab and equipment.

KUFPEC has launched a number of charitable enterprises to help the Pakistani people. The company has built and finances two medical clinics in the Kirthar region of Pakistan. They provide basic medical services to the local people as well as training for young girls to enable them to work in such clinics and earn a regular income. The Corporation also grants scholarships to Pakistani students allowing them to study in the University of Karachi.

KUFPEC has issued environmental leaflets about the nature reserves in the Kirthar region to raise awareness of the importance of protecting rare animals and birds and has built ten water basins in different areas to protect and support wildlife. The Corporation also made donations to the Pakistani government, in the aftermath of the Sind River floods, to help in the relief and rescue operations.

In order to spread education and provide better living conditions for the local population, KUFPEC built several schools in the Syram field and the Paula region in Indonesia. The company equipped the schools, manned them with qualified teachers and covers all the school expenses. The schools provide free education to the local children and employment for the local labour force.

The mark left by KPC and KUFPEC in Tunisia is quite unique by any standards. KUFPEC contributed to the construction of a huge mosque with a distinctive architectural style that stands out as a prominent landmark in the capital. The mosque is highly appreciated by both the government and people of Tunisia.