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KPC and Society

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its oil subsidiaries seek to consolidate its presence in the Kuwaiti society by supporting the various social, charitable and humanitarian activities and spreading its social mission through cooperation with other non-profit and not-for-profit bodies and organizations. This file shows the humanitarian aspects of KPC and its most prominent social activities. The economic dimensions of the business of KPC and its subsidiaries can not conceal its humanitarian and civilized image which it cares for in terms of its quest to raise the name of Kuwait high wherever it is mentioned locally or globally and contribute to the revival and glory of the Kuwaiti society as the Corporation is aware that its role goes beyond investment of the oil resources so as to become one of the constant principles of its business.


KPC sponsors the annual diving festival

In order to commemorate the ancestors, parents and grand parents and recall the heroic deeds of the Kuwaiti people in terms of enduring hardship in search of a source of livelihood, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) makes sure to sponsor the annual diving festival, which is organized annually by the Maritime Heritage Committee of the Kuwaiti Marine Sports Club. The oil sector's sponsorship of this heritage festival is combined with its commitment to taking part in the preservation and promotion of authentic Kuwaiti heritage, which is a commitment fully consistent with the social responsibility approach strictly adopted by the bank. The snorkeling trip is one of the oldest traditions practiced by the Kuwaiti parents and grandparents. The annual diving trip organized in Kuwait during the summer is an initiative to revive the oldest and most historically important tradition of the Kuwaiti society. It is no secret that Kuwait Petroleum Corporation not only measures its successes by the development it made in the economic and physical aspect, but it also goes beyond it to measure the level of the added value it provides to the community in the State of Kuwait by contributing to the promotion of grassroots initiatives and partnership in social responsibility. The diving-for-pearl industry contributed considerably to the economic life in Kuwait before exporting oil in commercial quantities. In order to consecrate the diving heritage which the grandparents were good at, the State of Kuwait commemorates an annual festival under the supervision of the Kuwaiti marine club in July of each year in honor and recognition of the courage of the ancient divers and their painstaking efforts in search of pearls. The participants in this journey who are young Kuwaitis and amateurs of marine sports, fishing and diving, are subject to initial training in the safe methods of diving in search of pearls and then shall be subjected to an extensive test to judge their abilities and skills before they are allowed to take off on a dive trip into the sea to search for precious pearls.


Kuwait Petroleum Corporation organizes a blood donation campaigns

In an effort to support the humanitarian mission of the Central Blood Bank, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation organized several blood donation campaigns in the oil sector complex and the Corporation asserted that blood donation is a social and national duty to support the main campaign carried out by the blood bank so as to help the needy patients and that this initiative is a simple contribution made by employees towards the patients who are in dire need of these 'blood' drops and it also represents activation of the volunteer work and glorification of the values of the humanitarian and charitable work, and this is something which all employees of the various sectors of the state take great interest in.