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KPC and Future Generations

In line with its social mission, KPC seeks to bolster social projects that aim to instill oil culture, train Kuwaiti youth as well as equip them with practical experience, provide services for the Kuwaiti society and aid the youth to optimally utilise their leisure time to achieve fruitful and constructive projects. KPC's support for youth projects is considered a national initiative to raise a generation that is capable of fulfilling its duties in the future. The corporation believes that investing in the future generations, Kuwait's true wealth, is it true investment to level up students energies and capabilities, develop them and work on qualifying them practically and functionally, along with their academic qualification students receive while studying to start shouldering responsibility. On basis of growing the oil culture of the youth generation, and spreading awareness of Kuwaiti oil industry nature, KPC launched several initiatives, and organised many activities that aim to instill oil culture, and introduce KPC work nature and role in managing the oil sector activities via its subsidiaries. KPC seeks to present a detailed explanation about its goals, introducing itself, subsidiaries, adopted projects and its significance in Kuwaiti finance as the mainstay of Kuwait's financial life. Particularly, it focuses on its vital and social role, whether related to social sponsorship of many activities and occasions, and adopting many training programs for students during the summer, and its contribution towards building an aware and enlightened generation to face future challenges.